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For service site, several products

$ 3.000 / Monthly
  • Promotion of 150 queries
  • Selection of most efficient queries
  • Сompetitor analysis
  • Internal technical website optomization
  • Content writing. 5 pages/month
  • Website software improvements
  • Placement  5 links/month
  • Increase behavioral factors


For site-catalog, e-shop

$ 4.000 / Monthly
  • Everything from CORPORATE plan
  • Promotion of 300 queries
  • Content writing. 15 pages/month
  • Placement 15 links/month
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Complete marketing. SEO and google ads

$ 6.000 / Monthly
  • Everything from E-SHOP plan
  • Google ad
  • E-mail marketing
  • Usability-audit
Stages of promotion


Analysis of the site, topics and competitors

The specialist studies the current position of the site, information about its competitors, draws up a potential buyer portrait , sets the target audience

Keyword Search

At this stage, the specialist will have to find the most efficient keywords that will promote the site to the TOP

Structure development

One of the most important stages, which involves the development of the structure of the promoted site, writing the technical specifications for promotion

Website improvement

The finished site undergoes several technical improvements: assembling an XML map, working with URLs, creating unique titles and descriptions, speeding up page loading

Text optimization

At this step, a team of specialists optimizes existing texts for key queries and creates new content with mandatory linking

Increasing the trust of search engines

The final stage, which implies an increase of the trust of search engines to the site

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    SEO Specialist

    Determines the direction of work, makes the site in demand in search engines and increases its traffic. To achieve its goals, he analyzes and tests the information that brings traffic.

    Processes a large amount of information in order to write professional and informational articles in order to attract attention to the site and raise it as high as possible in the top.

    Works with your site's software and enhances its functionality. Increases the speed of work. Encodes it in such a way that it becomes suitable and popular for search engines.

    A focused, attentive, energetic employee. He is engaged in the content content of your information resource, is responsible for the information displayed on the site.

    He is engaged in organizational work, directs the team, coordinates the work of specialists. Communicates with you. He will always help you find a way out of a difficult situation, offer options.

    Creates the appearance of the site, makes it interesting and bright, taking into account all the wishes of the customer. The main goal is to attract a large number of users.

    Search engine optimization

    Comprehensive website promotion is a series of activities aimed at increasing the number of visits to a particular page and bringing it to the top in the search results. What does this mean in ordinary language? It's simple: website promotion is an increase in visitors who will become buyers /customers / clients in the future. Professionally executed SEO promotion is an opportunity to increase the profit of your company.

    What is website SEO and how does it work?

    Website promotion refers to the optimization of the page for certain key queries, when entered in the search bar of which the untwisted resource will be displayed. Properly configured promotion brings the site to the TOP of the search results. And it is here that a potential client interested in a particular service finds him.

    Search engine SEO optimization and website promotion are mandatory attributes on the way to the development of a commercial page that help:

    • Listing at Google 1-st page
    • Increase sales
    • Becoming brand more well-known
    • Increase the visibility of the page

    Today, every company that resolutely aims at the long-term development of its business and considers the page as one of the main tools for attracting customers should order website promotion.


    Website promotion to the TOP: the main stages

    The success of page promotion largely depends on the correct configuration of the work of each team specialist. SEO website promotion begins with a mandatory analysis of the current state of the resource. At this stage, the previously conducted methods of promotion, their type, and success are also analyzed.

    After receiving all the necessary information, the main part of the work begins:

    Internal SEO (organization of the semantic core, correction of existing texts, changing meta descriptions and other internal settings).
    External search engine promotion of the site (increase of link mass required to get the page to the TOP of the search engine).
    Analysis of the achieved results and their maintenance.
    A noticeable result of website promotion in Google appears already 3-6 months after the launch of the promotion. The number of visitors is increasing, many of them are moving into the role of customers/clients. As a result – an increase in the real profit of the company.

    How much does website SEO cost?

    For SEO promotion, the price is set individually. The final cost depends on the amount of work that needs to be done by a team of specialists to bring the page to the TOP. The main components of the website promotion price are: the level of competition, the frequency of requests, the period of existence of the resource, the region, the need for additional services.

    Just Good Inc sets a favorable cost of services. Our experts announce the final price of SEO promotion of the site before the immediate launch of the work, having studied in detail its current state. We stand for an honest and affordable pricing policy. We do not have finely prescribed conditions or hidden estimates. You see the exact cost of website promotion before the start of cooperation.

    Advantages of promotion with Just Good Inc

    Just Good Inc is a professional website development and SEO promotion studio. The company's specialists have experience in marketing since 2006. Our company's office is located in Sheridan, Wyoming. At the same time, you can order website promotion from us, being in absolutely any region. We successfully cooperate with owners of commercial resources from all over the US.

    You should order website promotion in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston or any other city in Just Good Inc for several reasons:

    • Professionalism. We have assembled a team of professional specialists who know everything about website promotion in the search engine and its retention in the top.
    • Affordable price. Just Good Inc has a favorable price for SEO website promotion, which is calculated individually
    • High speed operation. While other companies are bringing pages to the TOP in six months, we are achieving noticeable results from SEO promotion of sites in New York and other cities much faster
    • Quality. We carry out website promotion inexpensively, but at the same time we are fully responsible for the achieved result. Just Good Inc guarantees high quality and efficiency of the conducted promotion

    To order SEO promotion in New York or any other city, you only need to call one of the company's numbers or visit our office. The specialist will consult and select the promotion program that is necessary for you. He will also set the approximate price of promoting the site to the TOP of Google. If everything suits you, we will proceed to direct promotion.

    Just Good Inc is a professional promotion service in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and other cities. We make any pages bring profit to their owner. We take a responsible approach to our work, while setting a favorable price for website promotion in Google. Our main goal is to improve the efficiency of the customer's resource. And we always achieve it.